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This minimalistic yet gorgeous playsuit with large golden rings and rays of ribbons decorates beautifully the body and visually makes the waist narrower.

200 $


Chic and elegant playsuit decorated with large golden rings and a choker, that you can wear as a spectacular accessory with your casual outfit.

320 $


The playsuit was inspired by the Japanese bondage art and resembles some classic shibari patterns.

320 $


The intricate pattern of the playsuit creates an hourglass silhouette and a very playful look.

280 $


The playsuit exquisitely highlights the body curves. It is available in black and elegant blush pink - a very light color that looks striking with gold details.

255 $


Asymmetric, playful and eye-catching playsuit will make you feel like a star.

220 $


Velvet ribbons and metal rings create an interesting symmetric pattern on your body that emphasizes the natural curves. The blue playsuit goes with silver finishing and the black one with golden.

280 $


Multiple crossings of black ribbons and shining gold rings create this stunning playsuit complimented by leg accessories.

320 $


The velvet strap complements perfectly any black lingerie set and looks extremely playful alone.

200 $


The divine Agnes strap emphasises the beauty of the body curves and looks perfectly on its own or with some lingerie underneath.

220 $

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For every item purchased with a gift certificate, Couture de Nuit funds a non-profit against domestic violence.

100-500 $

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